void nuDebConScroll(u32 wndNo, u32 flag)


wndNo      window number
           NU_DEB_CON_WINDOW0   Window 0 
           NU_DEB_CON_WINDOW1   Window 1 
           NU_DEB_CON_WINDOW2   Window 2 
           NU_DEB_CON_WINDOW3   Window 3 
flag determines if scroll is on or off NU_DEB_CON_SCROLL_ON (default) NU_DEB_CON_SCROLL_OFF

Return Value



Turns console window scroll feature on/off.

This functions sets whether the console window will scroll when the text reaches the end of the bottom-most line. When the flag is set to NU_DEB_CON_SCROLL_ON the entire console will scroll and text will be output to the bottom-most line. When the flag is set to NU_DEB_CON_SCROLL_OFF the text will be displayed back from the start of the console.

The larger the window number, the higher the priority. The windows are stacked with the highest priority window displayed on top.

This function can also be used with the release-use library.

See Also

nuGfxInit, nuGfxTaskStart, nuGfxSetUcode, nuDebConDisp, nuDebConWindowSize, nuDebConWindowPos, nuDebConWindowShow, nuDebConTextColor, nuDebConTextAttr, and nuDebConClear