void nuDebConWindowSet(u32 wndNo, u32 winX, u32 winY, u32 width, u32 height)


wndNo      window number
           NU_DEB_CON_WINDOW0   Window 0 
           NU_DEB_CON_WINDOW1   Window 1 
           NU_DEB_CON_WINDOW2   Window 2 
           NU_DEB_CON_WINDOW3   Window 3 
winX       window display position (X coordinate) 
winY       window display position (Y coordinate) 
width      number of columns of text displayed (1 ~ 40) 
height     number of lines of text displayed (1 ~ 30)

Return Value



Sets the console window

Sets the console window, specifying size and position of window. The position at which the window is displayed is specified using the screen coordinates to define the window's upper-left position. The size of the window is specified by setting the number of columns and lines of characters. The number of columns can be specified as any value from 1 to 40. The number of lines can be specified as any value from 1 to 30. The initial settings are an upper-left coordinate of (0,0) and a size of 40 columns and 30 lines.

The larger the window number, the higher the priority. The windows are stacked with the highest priority window displayed on top.

This function can also be used with the release-use library.

See Also

nuGfxInit, nuGfxTaskStart, nuGfxSetUcode, nuDebConDisp, nuDebConWindowPos, nuDebConWindowSize, nuDebConWindowShow, nuDebConScroll, nuDebConTextColor, nuDebConTextAttr, and nuDebConClear