s32 nuEepromRead(u8 address, u8 *buffer, u16 len)


address      EEPROM address from which to read data 
*buffer      pointer to buffer for storing the data 
len          length of data

Return Value

                     0 --> Normal termination 

                    -1 --> Address is out of range or the 
                            EEPROM Manager is not registered 

CONT_NO_RESPONSE_ERROR --> The interface does not respond


Reads data from an EEPROM

Reads data from the specified "address" in an EEPROM and stores it in the specified "buffer." The length of the data is specified by "len." The specified "address" is 0-63 for 4K EEPROM and 0-255 for 16K EEPROM, and len bytes of data are read.

See Also

nuEepromMgrInit, nuEepromCheck, and nuEepromWrite