Function Revision History

Version 2.06 (8/4/99)

Changed nuGfxInit
Added nuGfxSetUcodeFifo
Added nuDebTaskPerfBar*
Added nuConDisp*

Version 2.05 (6/15/99)

Added nuDebPerfMarkSet
Added nuDebTaskPerfIntervalSet
Changed nuDebTaskPerfBar0 and nuDebTaskPerfBar0EX2
Changed nuDebTaskPerfBar1 and nuDebTaskPerfBar1EX2
Changed nuDebConDisp and nuDebConDispEX2
Changed nuDebConWindowShow
Added nuPiReadRomOverlay

Version 2.0 (2/1/99)

Changed nuAuInit content
Added nuAuInitEx
Changed nuAuMgrInit content
Added nuAuMgrInitEx
Added nuAuHeapAlloc
Added nuAuHeapGetFree
Added nuAuHeapGetUsed
Added nuAuRetraceCount
Added nuAuExtraSampleSize
Added nuAuAcmdLen
Added nuAuDmaBufNum
Added nuAuDmaBufSize
Added nuAuDebFlag
Added nuAuDebStatus
Added nuAuDebDmaCount
Added nuAuDebDmaMax
Added nuAuDebDmaBufMaxUse
Added nuAuDebDmaCallBackCount
Added nuAuDebDmaCallBackMax
Added nuAuDebAcmdLenMax
Changed nuAuStlInit
Changed nuAuStlMgrInit
Added nuAuStlPtrBankInit
Added nuAuStlPtrBankSet
Added nuAuStlHeapAlloc
Added nuAuStlHeapGetFree
Added nuAuStlHeapGetUsed
Added nuAuStlSeqPlayerInit
Added nuAuStlSeqPlayerDataSet
Changed nuAuStlSeqPlayerPlay
Changed nuAuStlSeqPlayerGetSeqState
Changed nuAuStlSeqPlayerSetSeqStop
Changed nuAuStlSeqPlayerSetSeqTempo
Changed nuAuStlSeqPlayerSetSeqVol
Changed nuAuStlSeqPlayerSetSeqPan
Deleted nuAuStlPlayerInit
Deleted nuAuStlBankSet
Deleted nuAuStlSeqPlayerSetData
Changed nuSiMgrInit
Changed nuSiCallBackAdd
Added nuSiMgrStop
Added nuSiMgrRestart
Added nuSiSendMesg
Added nuSiSendMesgNW
Changed nuContPakOpen
Added nuContRmbStop
Added nuVrsMgrInit
Added nuVrsOpen
Added nuVrsClearDictionary
Added nuVrsSetWord
Added nuVrsMaskDictionary
Added nuVrsStartReadData
Added nuVrsGetReadData
Added nuVrsStopReadData
Added nuVrsControlGain
Added nuVrsCheckWord
Added nuVrsCountSyllables
Changed nuDebConTextAttr
Changed nuGfxTaskStart
Changed nuGfxSetCfb
Changed nuPiReadRom
Changed nuScCreateScheduler
Changed nuScAddClient
Added nuScResetClientMesgType
Added nuScGetFrameRate
Added nuScSetFrameBufferNum
Added nuScPreNMIFlag

Version 1.2 (7/15/98)

Added nuContGBPakMgrInit
Added nuContGBPakMgrRemove
Added nuContGBPakOpen
Added nuContGBPakGetStatus
Added nuContGBPakReadID
Added nuContGBPakReadWrite
Added nuContGBPakPower
Added nuContGBPakCheckConnector
Added nuContGBPakFread
Added nuContGBPakFwrite
Added nuContGBPakRegWrite
Added nuContPakFileFread
Added nuContPakFileFwrite
Changed the type of nuContPakFileOpen
Changed the type of nuContPakRepairId
Changed the type of nuContPakFileOpen
Changed the type of nuContPakFileOpenJis
Changed the type of nuContPakFileReadWrite
Changed the type of nuContPakFileDelete
Changed the type of nuContPakFileDeleteJis
Changed the type of nuContPakFileState
Changed the type of nuContPakFileNum
Added nuContPakFileFread
Added nuContPakFileFwrite
Added nuDebConPrintf
Changed the font of nuDebConDisp
Changed nuDebConDisp
Added nuDebConDispEX2
Changed nuDebTaskPerfBar0
Changed nuDebTaskPerfBar1
Added nuDebTaskPerfBar0EX2
Added nuDebTaskPerfBar1EX2
Added nuPiInitSram
Added nuPiReadWriteSram
Added nuPiReadSram
Added nuPiWriteSram


Since the deleted nuContRmbFuncSet and nuContPakFuncSet appear in nuSiMgrInit, both were corrected to nuSiCallBackAdd.


Corrected "len*8" in nuEepromRead and nuEepromWrite to "len".

Version 1.1 (12/24/97)

Corrected nuPiRomRead to nuPiReadRom
Corrected nuPiInit,nuPiReadRom
Changed contents of nuDebTaskPerfBar1
Changed contents of nuContInit
Changed contents of nuContMgrInit
Changed nuContDataGet,nuContDataGetAll
Changed contents of nuGfxSwapCfb
Changed contents of nuGfxSwapCfbFuncSet
Changed contents of nuGfxTaskEndFuncSet
Changed contents of nuGfxTaskStart
Changed contents of nuContPakMgrInit
Changed nuContRmbMgrInit
Corrected nuDebConDisp

Added nuEepromMgrInit
Added nuEepromMgrRemove
Added nuEepromCheck
Added nuEepromRead
Added nuEepromWrite
Added nuDebConTextPos
Added nuContMgrRemove
Added nuSiMgrInit
Added nuSiCallBackAdd
Added nuSiCallBackRemove
Added nuContPakMgrRemove
Added nuContRmbMgrRemove

Deleted nuContRmbFuncSet
Deleted nuContRmbFuncRemove
Deleted nuContPakFileReSize
Deleted nuContPakFileReSizeJis
Deleted nuContPakFuncSet
Deleted nuContPakFuncRemove