void nuScResetClientMesgType(NUScClient* c, NUScMsg msgType)


*c              pointer to client structure 
msgType         type of message to be re-registered (use "OR" for both) 
                NU_SC_RETRACE_MSG = Retrace
                NU_SC_PRENMI_MSG  = PRENMI

Return Value



Resets a message sent to a client registered in the scheduler

Resets the type of message sent to a client that has been registered in the scheduler with the nuScAddClient() function. The scheduler sends the message to the message queue of the registered clients when an event occurs.

When NU_SC_PRENMI_MSG is specified as the type of message registered, a PRE NMI message will not be sent upon reset, even if a PRE NMI event has already occurred. Please be careful when resetting PRE NMI messages.

Use the nuScRemoveClient function to remove client registrations.

Revision History

1/23/99 Added text regarding PRE NMI.