1 Introduction

NuSystem is a system library designed to support development of Nintendo 64 programs.

Using NuSystem, you can greatly reduce the work involved in the early stages of N64 program development.

1.1 About This Tutorial

This tutorial introduces the various functions of NuSystem by explaining a variety of sample software. It is written in a way that is suitable for those programmers who are familiar with the creation of N64 software.

For those programmers who are new to N64 software creation, we recommend that you read the "N64 Tutorial Manual", contained on this CD, first.

1.2 NuSystem Source Files and Documents

The sample software used in this tutorial is stored in the installation directory under nusys/sample. The sample game software nusnake and numirror are also stored here.

The source code for NuSystem proper is stored under nusys/src.

To learn about each NuSystem function please refer to the NuSystem Function Reference portion of the overall manual. There is also a NuSystem function reference text file in nusys/doc.

You can read explanations about the NuSystem internal structures and their customization procedures in the INSIDE NuSystem document listed in the main index of this manual.

1.3 User Support

NuSystem user support is available via the NOA Product Support Group. Please send your questions to them via e-mail "support@noa.com" or call them at (425) 861-2715.

Visit our website "www.noa-engineering.com" for the most recent updates to development software and manuals.

To register for the website, go to "www.noa-engineering.com" and complete the online registration form provided.