2 NuSystem Overview

NuSystem is a system library designed to make N64OS easier to use.

It hides the initialization part of N64OS and connotes event message processes and the minimal necessary threads.

It also provides a useful controller manager to handle the Controller and Controller Pak, and a useful audio manager to play back audio.

2.1 NuSystem Components

NuSystem is made up of the following components (Version 2.0). For more detailed information, please refer to "Inside NuSystem".

  1. Initiator
  2. Scheduler
  3. Graphics Manager
  4. Audio Manager
  5. SI Manager
  6. PI Manager
  7. Debug Library

The audio manager and controller manager can be created as application-independent managers without changing the NuSystem source code.

For details, please refer to Inside NuSystem, Chapter 1-2 NuSystem Structural Components.

2.2 Customizing

NuSystem comes supplied with the source code. This can be freely customized to add to inadequate NuSystem functions, and to improve or change libraries to better fit the game application.