Chapter 29 - Video Interface (VI) 

29.1 Introduction
29.1.1 What is a Video Interface (VI)?
29.1.2 What is the VI Manager?
29.1.3 What is the Display Mode? Supported Television System Formats High-resolution/Low-resolution Anti-aliasing/Point Sampling Non-interlaced/Interlaced 16/32 Pixel Size
29.1.4 Special Video Interface Functions Gamma Correction (GAMMA) Gamma Dither (GAMMA DITHER) Divot (DIVOT) Dither Filter (DITHER FILTER) Serrate (serrate)
29.1.5 List of Video Interface Functions
29.2 Programming Techniques for PAL Format
29.2.1 Initialization Procedure
29.2.2 Special Video Mode Settings
29.3 Programming Techniques for MPAL Format
29.3.1 Initialization Procedure
29.4 Other Precautions
29.4.1 Differences in the Timing for Setting and Acquiring the VI Display Mode
29.4.2 Safe Frame Safe Frame Used in Mario 64 Safe Frame Used in Wave Race 64
29.4.3 VI Processing with PreNMI Events