Chapter 29 - n_audio Library

The n_audio Library is a new audio library that can carry out audio processing faster than audio libraries of the past. This chapter explains how to use the n_audio library and provides a sample program. It also discusses improvements over the last audio library and their impact on application programs.

29.1 Improvements from past Audio Libraries
29.1.1 Players
29.1.2 The Envelope
29.1.3 Fixing the Minimum Unit of the Audio Process
29.1.4 Processing of Every 184 Samples
29.2 Influence of n_audio
29.2.1 Effect of the Envelope
29.2.2 Effect of Processing Every 184 Samples Set the Number of Samples Per Frame to a Multiple of 184 Create Data that Do Not Require Audio Processing in the Middle of a Sub-Frame
29.3 n_audio Library
29.3.1 n_audio Functions Renamed
29.3.2 Creating the Application
29.3.3 n_audio Sample Program