Q&A- Manual Documentation

QA1 Availability of Japanese version of the Manual
QA2 How can I get a copy of the R4300 Manual?
QA3 Returning media documentation when upgrading...

Q1 I would like to get a copy of the Japanese version of N64OS, etc. How do I go about doing this?

A1 For questions about documentation, please use the following NOA numbers:


Q2 How exactly do I go about acquiring a R4300 manual?

A2 Contact the Sales Department, Engineering Section.

Now, a pdf file can be downloaded from the NEC home page at:


Q3 When I upgraded my tools, I received a media version of the documentation. I have returned the old media documentation, but how should I go about returning the hard copy materials?

A3 Please have your company dispose of them by incineration or shredding.