Q&A- Other Development Environment Questions

QA1 Would it be possible to use the Nintendo Motion Capture Studio at our company?
QA2 How do I burn a 256 MROM with a Flash Gang Writer?
QA3 Is it all right if messages in the game are in English?(200005)

Q1 Would it be possible to use the Nintendo Motion Capture Studio at our company? If so, what are the terms of use (cost, etc.)?

A1 The Nintendo Motion Picture Capture Studio is located in Kyoto, Japan. If you are interested, please directly contact Mr. Akita in the NCL Sales Department.

Q2 When I burn a 256M ROM with the Flash Gang Writer, it doesn't execute. It works with a 128MROM, but I can't figure out why this is so.

A2 Obtain the latest driver from the Intelligent Systems home page.

The command execution syntax goes something like

isf -s256 -wc:\test.rom

Q3 When developing a program for an Asian market (for example), is it a problem if all the messages for the game player are displayed in English? If there are detailed regulations, please tell me where they are explained.

A3 There are no clear regulations on messages; however, basically, we would like you to display an important message such as the one that prompts a caution to users in Japanese. (Examples: Please insert Controller Pak. The contents of Controller Pak is destroyed. etc.)

As for other messages, though we should localize everything into Japanese if the prospective users for the game includes a young age group, it may not be a problem when English is used to some extent if users are in older age group. To be specific, such words as "SELECT MENU" or "EXIT" can remain in English for older users, but operation methods and cautions should not be in English.

Also, those items with different names in various markets (for example, Rumble Pak) need to be translated so as to use the proper name for that market. Otherwise it wouldn't make any sense to the user.