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Please contact the NOA Parts Department for the products listed below. Prices listed were current at the time of this document's release. Please refer to the NOA Engineering Web Site for the latest prices.

Part Number Description


35901 System Development PartnerN64-PC
ROM Emulator/Debugger with Complier
38731 Partner-N64PC PCI Interface Board
Cut back on transfer downloads by as much as one-half!


35721 IS-Viewer NUS (ROM Emulator) $1,600.00
35710 Control Deck Assembly, NUSPAL-M PC MOD     $200.00
35711 Control Deck Assembly, NUSPAL PC MOD     $200.00
36603 4 Meg Memory Pak       $20.53
35949 PC Sound Tools 64 $1,500.00
34465 Flash ROM, Gang Writer (8)
Write up to Eight Flash ROM Game Paks Simultaneously
37020 Cartridge, 256M Flash
Use this Game Pak to Demo Your Game an N64 system
36845 16k Eprom (Flash Rom) $1.68
35482 IC, 7101 CIC PAL (GPK Security Chip-PAL) $1.00
36629 N64 Disk Drive (five disks included) $650.00
36237 Disk for N64 Disk Drive $20.00