1.1 Welcome to the World of N64 Programming

Everyone reading this tutorial is connected with N64 game development in one way or another. Some may even have already written N64 programs. Once you actually begin N64 program development, you will be surprised at the rich functionality and abundant possibilities of the N64. However, you need a firm grasp of the basics to tap into this high-performance system.

This TUTORIAL is written for people who are creating their first N64 program or are just about to start N64 programming. It seeks to give you the skills you need to make full use of the advanced functions of the N64 system.

The N64 program development environment has grown far more powerful and convenient since it was first created, such that even beginning programmers can now make interesting games, provided they understand the important points brought up in the N64 TUTORIAL.

Programmers can now select between several N64 program development environments. The explanations in this tutorial assume use of the exeGCC compiler and linker operating under Windows, and use of the PARTNER-N64 debugger. However, the explanations about the N64 and about the sample programs are also relevant to people creating N64 games in other development environments.

In this introductory chapter, we will start by executing an N64 sample program to get a taste of N64 programming.