1.3 Compiling the Sample

Now that we have all that is needed to build SNAKE TAIL HACK, we will compile the program. Since the SNAKE TAIL HACK directory already contains a makefile usable with exeGCC, all we need to do is compile. However, if the NINTENDO64 Developers Kit is installed in any directory other than c:\nintendo, you need to make few preparations first. This is because the makefile macro N64KITDIR in the makefile in the SNAKE TAIL HACK directory describes the full path. Unless you completely rewrite the path or define the environmental variable, you will get an error at compile time stating that the header file and library cannot be found. Therefore, you must be sure and modify the makefile in the nusnake directory to match your environment.

List 1-1 See nusnake "makefile"

N64KITDIR   = c:\nintendo\n64kit
NUSYSINCDIR = $(N64KITDIR)/nusys/include
NUSYSLIBDIR = $(N64KITDIR)/nusys/lib

After you rewriting the makefile, open the MS-DOS prompt in the SNAKE TAIL HACK directory nusnake. Enter "make" on the prompt line and SNAKE TAIL HACK will start to build. If an error occurs, check whether the header's include path and the library's search path are set correctly.

After the program has been built, load and execute the file called nusnake.out with PARTNER-N64 to launch a battle style game with four snakes. Naturally, you need to connect a Controller before running the program. SNAKE TAIL HACK can perform Controller Pak processes, but you do not need to insert a Controller Pak to run the program. To learn how to operate the sample program, read the explanation in the NuSystem section of the Allmanual.

As you will see when you execute SNAKE TAIL HACK, this sample program also implements the playback of background music and sound effects in addition to the basic Controller processes. Although the main theme of this tutorial is programming with NuSystem, we will also cover graphics and sound related tools so programs such as this can be created.