5. Configuration

When this product is installed using Software Manager, the following directory structure is created.

/usr/lib/libn_audio.a               : n_audio library
/usr/lib/PR/n_aspMain.o             : microcode for n_audio
/usr/include/n_libaudio.h           : header file for n_libaudio_s_to_n.h 
/usr/src/PR/libnaudio/*             : source file for n_audio library
/usr/src/PR/playseq_naudio/*        : sample application
                                   (playseq was chagned to be used for n_audio)
/usr/src/PR/playseq_naudio/data/*   :Data for the above sample

Note) When making the sample program, execute make in the data directory for the sample program (i/usr/src/PR/playseq_naudio/data) in advance, and the create .ctl file and .tbl file.