7. S2DEX Package Installation

This chapter concerns situations in which the S2DEX microcode is distributed in a separate package. If this package is already included in the N64 Development Environment, it does not need to be noted here.

The S2DEX microcode package contains the following files.

README This file
gspS2DEX.fifo.o S2DEX Microcode
gspS2DEX.fifo_d.o S2DEX Microcode(for DEBUG)
include/gs2dex.h S2DEX include file
libultra/Makefile libultra Update makefile
libultra/us2dex.o BG structure initialization routine
libultra/us2dex_emu.o Scalable BG rendering routine
sample/* S2DEX sample program

If make is run under the libultra directory, libultra*.a will be created. Copy the libultra*.a which was created to the /usr/lib directory.

In addition, copy gspS2DEX.fifo.o and gspS2DEX.fifo_d.o to the /usr/lib/PR directory, and copy include/gs2dex.h to the /usr/include/PR directory.

perl is also required to compile the included sample program. Please install the following packages on the IRIX 5.3/6.X CD.

for Software Manager:
IRIX Execution Environment 2, Perl Software 5.3
for inst command: