8. Revision History

Release 0.70 (beta 1)
  • Initial version

Release 0.71 (beta 2)
  • Added libultra patch
  • Revised installation data

Release 0.72 (beta 3)
  • Corrected improper S flipping operation in BG rendering
  • Changed part of sample program

Release 0.73 (beta 4)
  • Defined new RenderMode
  • Added new function G_OBJRM_WIDEN to gSPObjRenderMode
  • Modified sample program so that CI8 textures can be used on semitranslucent sprites and BG

Release 0.74 (beta 5)
  • Corrected inadequate checks on buffer status when using small FIFO buffer
  • Corrected the fact that member variables imageX and imageY of the uObjBg structure were installed in (u10.2) format so that they are (u10.5)
  • Changed frameX and frameY member variables of uObjBg structure to signed

Release 0.75 (beta6)
  • Created guS2DEmuBgRect1Cyc() and guSDEmuSetScissor() functions which create a DL for scalable BG screens using the CPU Distributed as a patch, and section was added to README regarding this.
  • No change from 0.74 microcode
  • Added section on perl installation method

Release 0.80 (beta7)
  • Changed log output buffer setting method (yield_data_size -> data_size)
  • Corrected bug in yield processing
  • Added text pertaining to FIFO buffer size to section 2.4 in README file
  • Corrected Sync processing in BG rendering GBI / emulation functions

Release 1.00
  • Installed g[s]SPBgRect1Cyc, a GBI which renders scalable BG
  • Changed formats of imagePal and imageFlip member variables in uObjBg_t structure and uObjScaleBg_t structure from u8 to u16 for alignment
  • Added 3.4 Precautions Regarding GBI to documentation
  • Changed BaseScaleX and BaseScaleY in uObjMtx structure, and scaleW and scaleH in uObjSprite structure to unsigned

Release 1.01
  • Corrected bug in g[s]SPBgRect1Cyc in which unnecessary texture loading processing was sometimes performed, vastly increasing RDP processing time

Release 1.02
  • Corrected problem in which, when multiple semitranslucent sprites were joined together, the seam line would be blended twice, and along with this, added G_OBJRM_XLU as ObjRenderMode
  • Reduced actual rendered size differences when the same sprite data were rendered by g[s]SPObjRectangle and g[s]SPObjSprite

Release 1.03
  • Corrected bug in G_OBJRM_XLU mode
  • Added processing example (render ball) to sample program of when an object is realized by combining multiple sprites while Bilerp in effect.