Chapter 2 Testing the Disk Drive

This chapter introduces basic 64DD operation by describing how the demonstration Game Pak ROM programs "polyline" and "onetri" are rewritten for use with 64DD. Commands entered into the computer (personal computer or workstation) by the programmer are distinguished in this chapter by the type of prompt, as follows.

% command

Command to be executed in the UNIX tool window.

C> command

Command to executed in an MS-DOS window (not necessarily run from the C drive, which is used in these examples for convenience).

> command

Command to be executed in the Partner Command Window (For information on the Partner Command Window, please refer to the "Partner N64 User's Guide.")

2.1 Tool Check and Setup

2.2 Modifying polyline

2.3 Modifying onetri Read from a Disk

2.4 Errors

2.5 Other Features