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This is a guide to assist you in utilizing the vast amounts of information packed into this CD, such as how to use this "Manual Collection" and how to easily obtain information.

How to Use

Please copy the contents of this CD onto the server at your development site and use it from there. The recommended screen size is "1024 x 768 dots". This version is certain to run on SGI machines and Windows95 machines. See the following for instructions for use on SGI machines.


I've never developed Nintendo 64 software before!

Using the glossary

This is hard to use without an index!

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You may view this manual collection directly from the CDROM, but it is recommended that you install it on your hard disk. If it is placed on a server, it can be viewed simultaneously by multiple users at high speeds. To install it on a hard disk...


Copy the directory "allman" and its subdirectories in the root directory of the "Manual Collection" CD into any directory on the hard disk. After installation, start the "allman/index.htm" file.


FTP the file "allman.tgz" in the root directory of the "Manual Collection" CD to the UNIX machine then execute

gunzip allman.tgz
tar xvf allman.tar

to install. The default installation directory is the current directory. After installation, start the "allman/index.htm" file.


Drag and copy all the files in the root directory of the "Manual Collection" CD except for the "allman.exe" and "allman.tgz" files onto the Mac's hard disk.

I've never developed Nintendo 64 software before!

If this is the first time you've developed Nintendo 64 applications, first take a look at the "Intro to N64". Reading "Step 1" here is an easy way to enter the world of N64.

If you read the "Intro to N64" clear through, you'll next probably want to get some development equipment. Therefore, take a look at the "Development Tools Guide". An overview of development tools, their prices and information about resources are compiled there.

Once you begin developing, a variety of questions will probably arise. When this happens, check out "Q&A" or "Developer News" and see if the item that you don't understand is addressed there.

Registering at "www.noa-engineering.com" would also be a convenient way to get this kind of information promptly.

Once you have mastered the "Intro to N64", you should be able to create an application, an even deeper understanding can be gained from the "Programming Manual". Refer to the "Man Pages" to make programming more smooth.

Near the beginning of a Nintendo 64 application, check the cautions in "Programming Cautions".

If you still don't understanding something, you can contact our Nintendo 64 Technical Support staff at "support@noa.nintendo.com"!

Using the Glossary

The glossary contains over 1000 terms. It is comprehensive, including everything from common terms to those used only with the Nintendo 64. By all means, put this special feature of the "Manual Collection" to work in your Nintendo 64 applications development.

Usage 1) Links from Programming Manual

There are hyperlinks from important terms in the Programming Manual to the glossary. With a single click, you can check the meaning of a term. Not all of the words are linked. See (Usage 2) for words that are not linked.

Usage 2) Search from the Index

The glossary can be searched alphabetically or by category. Even if a word is not liked from the Programming Manual, it may also be found by this method. Try it.

Usage 3) Use the browser search menu

All of the terms are included in the category index. The category index is displayed in a frame, and terms can be looked up, even if you only know a part of the term, by clicking on the frame with the mouse and using the browser's search function.

Usage 4) Look on paper

Of course, there are those of you who, if a dictionary is not on paper... You can have a paper glossary in your hand by selecting the frame and printing it.

Usage 5) Customize

As you use the glossary, you may feel that some of the explanations of terms are poor. In such cases, you may directly edit the file. We believe that a glossary becomes even more useful if it can be made to fit the environment in which it is used.

This is hard to use without an index!

Since there is no index, there is no function for searching documents from a key word. However, this becomes possible by using the word search function of the machine that you are using. By using the grep command in UNIX, or by entering the term you want to know about in the "Other" tab under "Find" in the WIndows95 Start menu, you can find HTML files which contain the term in question.