Nintendo Gateway 64 System Technical and Promotional Material Requirements

This document describes additional requirements necessary for developers submitting games for use on the N64 Gateway System. Please be aware that games being submitted for testing approval must also meet the requirements laid out in the either the NTSC or PAL Software Submission Requirements documents.

Before a game can be approved for use on the Gateway 64 System, some minor game programming modifications are required.

The following guidelines provide a brief description of the necessary modifications. Please refer to the subsequent pages in this document for further details on programming requirements.

Game Modifications Summary
____ Multi-player, accessory option screens, and Controller Pak save data options need to be removed or locked out
____ Stored passwords, not hard coded password screens, should be modified to allow a player to back out without the need to enter a valid password.
____ Implementation of special Gateway 64 game halt functions are required in the game software.
____ Remove any copy protection schemes.
____ The destination code (the fourth letter of the game code) must be changed from the N64 Game code to the Gateway 64 System code. The fourth letter of the game code becomes a "G" for NTSC and an "L" for PAL games.

Estimated Time for Software Modifications
Depending on the type of game play options available with each game title, it is estimated that approximately 2 to 4 days are required to make the necessary programming modifications, including testing, for application on the Nintendo Gateway 64 System. Any technical questions regarding game modifications should be directed to Nintendo Developer Tools Support at (425) 861-2607 or email:

Software Submission Procedures

Collateral Materials
For Gateway 64 software submissions, Nintendo requires game artwork and other collateral materials for promotional use be provided upon approval of the software. The following collateral materials must be provided to the Gateway Program Manager at (425) 861-2732.

Nintendo 64 Gateway Technical Requirements

This document applies to Nintendo 64 game titles being developed for the Gateway 64 System, and provides the required programming procedures by which games need to be modified. These criteria must be met before the game can be approved for use on the Gateway 64 System.

The following information describes the required programming modifications to an N64 game for use on the Gateway 64 System.

  1. Multi-Player, Password Functions, Accessory Options and Save Functions

    Multi-player modes, password functions, accessory options, and save functions are not supported on the Gateway 64 System. Feature operations relating to these modes need to be either removed or locked out. The following paragraphs describe the Gateway 64 game modification requirements for multi-player options, save data, and password functions, and accessories i.e., Rumble Pak, Controller Pak.

  1. Gateway 64 vs N64 System

    The Gateway 64 System closely emulates the N64 system. The following are the major differences in system features and functionality. The Gateway 64 Controller will have no Rumble Pak or Expansion Pak installed. The Gateway 64 System sends the appropriate command 0 or command 255 response, indicating that no Controller Pak is installed.

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