Software Submissison Requirements (NTSC)

This document describes the procedures and requirements for submitting N64 software to Nintendo of America Inc.(NOA), for approval testing. This document also includes the submission requirements for games intended for use with the Gateway 64 System.

All software licensed by Nintendo must be submitted for approval testing by Nintendo. This approval testing process normally requires approximately 2 1/2 weeks for its completion. Individual testing will vary depending upon the software submitted and peripheral compatibility. However, the overall process includes a thorough testing of the software on all game platforms for which it is intended to be used. Game play is performed by various testing personnel in order to test all areas of game play.

All software submissions to Nintendo of America Inc. must be forwarded to the attention of NOA Product Approval Manager, Engineering. Otherwise, the submission's placement into the testing queue may be delayed. To help reduce a submission's turn-around time, licensees must assign a primary contact person for software submissions. This person is responsible for dispersing information within your company. All communications with NOA concerning a submission's testing status should be forwarded through this individual.

When a submission is approved, your company's primary contact will be notified immediately in writing.

When a submission is not approved, NOA may send a videotaped copy of the programming problem(s) which prevents the submission from being approved. This is intended to assist the licensee in analyzing the cause of the software problem. It is the licensee's responsibility to send a copy of this tape to any developers of the software. NOA strongly encourages that copies be sent to the software developers as quickly as possible.

Submission Package Requirements
The following items are required for all Nintendo 64 software submissions to Nintendo of America Inc. Software submissions packages which do not include these items will not be entered into the approval process until all criteria are met.

Specification Sheet and Checklist
A Nintendo 64 Software Specification Sheet and Software Destination Declaration/Checklist must be filled out completely and must be correct for the submitted program version. Please refer to "Instructions for Nintendo 64 Software Specification Sheet" for specific instructions concerning the completion of the Nintendo 64 Software Specification Sheet.

Master ROM Image File
The Master ROM Image File must be submitted via FTP, DOS formatted Iomega compatible Zip Disk(s), or CD ROM formatted per ISO 9660 for approval testing.

Game Play and Video Tape/Rating Certificate
A video tape containing complete game play is required unless the product has been rated by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB). If the product has been rated by the ESRB, then a copy of the rating certificate must accompany the submission and no video tape is needed.

Screen Text
A printed copy of all screen text contained in the software must be submitted for approval.

Game Play Instruction Manual
A complete copy of the written game play instructions must be submitted for approval. If the instruction manual is not complete, please submit a copy of a simple manual.

Software Self-Verification Process
The licensee should perform the following checks on software prior to submission in order to increase the probability of rapid software approval.

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