alSeqFileNew alSeqFileNew (function)

Initializes the N64 sequence file structure


#include <libaudio.h>     /* libaudio.h */
void alSeqFileNew(ALSeqFile *file, u8 *base);
Pointer to the ALSeqFIle structure that will be initialized

Address where the sequence bank file (.sbk) is stored


This function reads the header part of the sequence bank file and initializes the ALSeqFile structure.

The Sequence Bank Compiler (sbc) creates a sequence bank file (.sbk) from one or more MIDI sequence files. The sequence bank file contains an array of sequences (8-byte aligned) with a header at the front that allows indexing into the sequence bank to gain access to individual sequences.

Before the game application can get to the individual sequences, it must first initialize the sequence bank header by calling the alSeqFileNew function. Typically, the game application first allocates enough memory to contain the sequence bank header information (ALSeqFile). Then it copies the header information from the Cartridge ROM into the allocated ALSeqFile structure. Finally, it calls alSeqFileNew with the pointer to the ALSeqFile structure and the base of the sequence bank data in ROM.

Note that to allocate memory for the sequence bank header, the game application may need to first look at the seqCount field to know the exact size of the header.


This routine is designed to be called once for a single sequence bank file. Calling the routine on an already initialized sequence bank file could produce unexpected results.

See Also

alCSeqNew, alSeqNew

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