alSynSetPitch alSynSetPitch (function)

alSynSetPitch, n_alSynSetPitch

Sets the pitch of the specified voice


#include <libaudio.h>     /* libaudio.h */

void alSynSetPitch(ALSynth *drvr, ALVoice *voice, float pitch);
#include <n_libaudio.h>     /* n_libaudio.h */

void n_alSynSetPitch(           N_ALVoice *voice,   f32 pitch);


Pointer to the synthesizer driver

Pointer to a voice

Pitch value


alSynSetPitch sets the rate that indicates how the synthesizer will play sound of a wavetable. The pitch can range from between 0 and 2.0 (but not 0). If the sample rate of the wavetable is the same as the output rate set by osAiSetFrequency, then: A value of 1.0 will play the sound with no pitch change. A value of 0.5 will play the sound pitch shifted down an octave. A value of 2.0 will play the pitch shifted up one octave. Negative pitch values are not supported (undefined). 0 for pitch value cannot be specified as division by 0 cannot be operated. Values greater than 2.0 will be automatically adjusted to 2.0.

For details on n_audio library, see "Chapter 28: n_audio library" in the N64 Programming Manual.


Call alSynSetPitch from within the AlVoiceHandler only.

See Also

alSynSetVol, alSynSetPan, alSynSetFXMix, alSynStartVoiceParams, and osAiSetFrequency

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