dbgif (tool command)

Establishes a link between the host workstation and the game target


dbgif [-d]


dbgif provides a link between gvd, the debugger running on the host development workstation, and the game system development board. Note that the dbgif program must be running in order to use the gvd debugger (GameShop).

Invoking dbgif with no options is usually sufficient for most of its intended purposes. Options are provided more for the purpose of troubleshooting the operation of gvd itself. gvd debugger is designed on the assumption that the system softwares on the target (the interface to communicate with the debugger) work correctly. To determine if a problem arises, use the option described below.

The -d option captures all traffic between the host and target into a file. This file can record a very long debug session.

See Also

the device file for communicating with target.

the communication packet log file.

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1999/04/30 Changed Format