gvd (tool command)

Functions as GameShop debugger


gvd is executable.


GameShop debugger runs on the host development workstation and communicates with the game development board by way of the dbgif program. The executable to be debugged is an output of the makerom program; its name must be specified on the command line when invoking gvd.

For additional information, please consult the on-line help system or the CASEVision/WorkShop User's Guide. Specific differences between the WorkShop and GameShop debuggers are described in the Nintendo 64 Programming Manual.


How to launch gvd with the demo program onetri is described below.

>cd /usr/src/PR/onetri
>gload -a -d &
>dbgif &
>gvd onetri 

After gvd launches, please specify 3 for the thread number in the switch thread menu.

See Also

makerom, dbgif

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