6. Command Buttons

The commands buttons are located at the bottom of the screen as shown in the illustration below. They are each set as explained in the following paragraphs.

Figure: Command Buttons

  • Zoom Ratio

    This button changes the tree view zoom ratio.

  • Zoom Out

    This button reduces the tree view.

  • Zoom In

    This button enlarges the tree view.

  • Overview

    This button displays a guide to the entire tree. If the tree is too large to fit in the window, this button can be used to select the portion to be displayed.

    Figure: When using the Overview Button

  • Link Display

    This button is not currently used in NIFFeditor.

  • Re-layout

    This button lays out the entire tree once again. However, there are times when the layout will not look perfect due to node movement and link updates.

  • Vertical/Horizontal Change

    This button allows switching between vertical and horizontal tree views.