3. NIFFeditor Tour

Features of NIFFeditor for SGI

You can do the following using NIFFeditor for the SGI.

From Loading to Previewing Files

  1. Loading NIFF data file

    Select a file from the menu by choosing [File]-[Open].

    When you click [OK], the NIFF data will be loaded and a tree will be displayed.

    The square buttons with labels, such as obj_0, are each assigned what are called nodes in NIFF. The arrow connected to that node is its link.

    If other data is already being displayed, before loading a file with [File]-[Open], clear the diaplay by choosing [File]-[New]. Then load(open) the file you want.

  2. View data

    You can view the contents of each node by double-clicking the node.

    The current settings will be displayed in the window (called a dialog box) that appears when you double-click. You can change these settings.

  3. Modify data

    Choose [Edit]-[EditMode] from the Edit menu on the main menu. If the buttons in the EditMode menu are yellow, data can be modified.

    To reflect the changes in the dialop box in the actual NIFF data, click the [OK] or [Apply] button. Click [Cancel] to leave the data unchanged.

    Links can also be changed.

  4. Save data

    Data can be saved in a file as NIFF data by choosing [File]-[Save] or [Save As ...] from the File menu.

    [Save] will write the data to the loaded file.
    [Save As ...] allows you to specify a different file.

  5. Preview

    You can view data using [N64tool]-[Nitendo64 preview(Emu-Board)] or [Nitendo64 preview(IS)] from the N64tool menu.