Operating Environment


To use NIFF Editor, your computer must satisfy the following operating conditions. Please ensure that the conditions are met prior to installing the software.

Item Description
Computer IBM PC/AT Compatible
Operating System Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT Server Version 4.0 (IBM PC/AT compatible version), or Windows NT Workstation Version 4.0 (IBM PC/AT compatible version).
Memory Space At least 10Mbytes of free memory space is required.
Free Disk Space 10Mbytes or greater is required.
Browse A browser is required to display NIFF Editor Help and to access online support. We recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or later, Netscape Communications Corporation's Netscape Navigator 3.0 or later, or Netscape Communicator 4.0 or later. Prior to using the software, install the browser and make sure it is operating properly.
SCSI Port Required for n64prev Previewer, Quick Previewer and nvfview Previewer. If running under Windows NT Version 4.0, operation can only be guaranteed for Adaptec's AHA-2940U. Other SCSI ports have not been tested, and their proper operation cannot be guaranteed.
IS-VIEWER64 Required for Preview, Quick Preview, or Preview2.

Setup IS-VIEWER64 and make sure it is operating properly in advance.

Note: nload.exe for IS_VIEWER64 Version 1.03p or later is required. The earlier version of nload.exe can be used by adding makemask to each executable file.

exeGCC Used when converting and previewing NIFF files. exeGCC is not required if you use Quick Preview or Preview 2, (not Convert or Preview) to preview NIFF files.

After confirming the operating environment, please refer to Setup to install NIFF Editor.