This section covers the procedure for installing and uninstalling NIFF Editor and the NIFF conversion and preview tools.

Nintendo64 Developers Kit

NIFF Editor is distributed as part of the Nintendo64 Developers Kit and is automatically installed when you install the kit. The NIFF Editor and its conversion and preview tools are installed in the following directories when the Nintendo64 Developers Kit is installed in its default directory.

bin\niffedit\ NIFF Editor and Help
n64prev\niffconv.bat Converter executable
n64prev\niffprev.bat Preview executable
n64prev\quickprev\quickprev.bat Quick Preview executable
nvfview\nvfconv.bat Converter 2 executable
nvfview\nvfprev.bat Preview 2 executable

To install only NIFF Editor for upgrade, etc., please see Installand Uninstall.


To install NIFF Editor, execute the setup program (SETUP.EXE) using the following procedure.

After successfully installing the software, refer to "Starting and Exiting" to run the program.


To remove NIFF Editor, follow the sequence described below using [Add/Remove] from the [Control Panel].

At the prompt, click [Yes] to remove the program.

Version Upgrades

To upgrade NIFF Editor to a newer version, follow the uninstall procedures as described above to delete the existing version of NIFF Editor. Follow the install procedures to install the new version.

Note: To upgrade to a new version of NIFF Editor you must first delete the existing version using [Add/Remove] in Control Panel.

Convert and Preview

When you choose [Convert] from the [Tools] menu, NIFF Editor outputs a NIFF file and executes a batch file that only converts (NIFFCONV.BAT). When you choose [Preview] from the [Tools] menu, NIFF Editor outputs a NIFF file and executes a batch file that converts and then executes make (NIFFPREV.BAT).

Quick Preview

Quick Preview is run by executing the QUICKPREV.BAT file included in the N64 Previewer. Please set up this file following the steps shown below so that it will execute correctly.

Convert 2 and Preview 2

To perform conversion and previewing using the niff2nvf convertor and nvfview previewer included with the Nintendo64 Developers Kit. NIFF Editor performs conversion and previewing by executing nvfconv.bat and nvfprev.bat. To use Convert2 and Preview2, use the following setup procedures.