Chapter 3 Binary Format

3-15. TexImgList

2. TexImg Area

The TexImg area stores one texture image. The mapping for the TexImg area is as follows.

TexImgHeader u32 tex_img_tag
u32 this_tex_img_index
u32 tex_img_header_size
u32 tex_img_size
u32 nintendo_extension_block_size
u32 user_extension_block_size

Figure: TexImg Area Memory Map

u32 tex_img_tag Tag indicating TexImg.

TAG_TEX_IMG	0x00120100
u32 this_tex_img_index Index number of this TexImg
u32 tex_img_header_size Size of TexImgHeader
u32 tex_img_size Size of this TexImg
u32 nintendo_extension_block_size Nintendo extension block size
u32 user_extension_block_size User extension block size
TexImgData Stores the actual texture image. Starting from the lower left, the texture image can be red as R-G-B-A (8 bit).
NintendoExtensionBlock Nintendo extension block size
UserExtensionBlock User extension block size