Chapter 3 Binary Format
3-22. NameList

Name Area

The Name area stores the actual node Name. The Name area is mapped as follows.

NameHeader u32 name_tag
u32 this_name_index
u32 name_header_size
u32 name_size

Figure: Name Area Memory Map

u32 name_tag Tag indicating Name. Set the following tag.
TAG_NAME	0x00110100
u32 this_name_index Index number of this Name
u32 name_header_size Size of this NameHeader
u32 name_size Size of this Name
node_name Node name. Use ASCII characters (*)

The node name is entered as ASCII text. Permissible ASCII characters are 0x21 (!) through 0x7e (~), in ASCII code.

If the number of characters is not a multiple of 4 bytes, embed NULL to make the number of characters a multiple of 4 bytes. If the character string count is a multiple of 4 bytes, there is no need to insert NULL.