msoAllocator* Customizes memory allocation

Function msoAllocatorAllocate Gets size bytes of memory with an 8-byte boundary
Function msoAllocatorAllocateAligned Gets size bytes of memory with the boundary specified by align
Function msoAllocatorEnableDebugMode Switches allocator to debug mode
Function msoAllocatorFree Opens memory acquired by msoAllocatorAllocate( ), msoAllocatorAllocateAligned( )
Function msoAllocatorIsDebugMode Returns whether the allocator is operating in debug mode
Function msoAllocatorGetDebugCookie Gets the debug cookie
Function msoAllocatorSetDebugCookie Sets the debug cookie
Function msoGetDefaultAllocator Gets the default allocator
Function msoSetDefaultAllocator Sets the default allocator
Function msoFree Releases memory using the default allocator
Function msoMalloc Acquires memory using the default allocator
Function msoMallocAligned Acquires memory using the default allocator

_msoBilistBase* Macro group for bi-directional list

_msoDerive* Macro group for simple installation of an object succession

_msoListBase* Macro group for uni-directional lists

msoCascadeAllocator* Integrates two Allocators and handles them as one Allocator

Function msoCascadeAllocatorInit Initializes msoCascadeAllocator

msoGfxBuffer Manages a dynamic gfx buffer

Function msoGfxBufferDestroy Destroys the gfx buffer
Function msoGfxBufferInit Initializes the gfx buffer
Function msoGfxBufferReserve Reserves one area for gfx and returns its pointer
Function msoGfxBufferStore Writes all gfx stored in the gfx buffer to dest_array

msoHeapAllocator Allocates heap memory for multi-thread applications

Function msoHeapAllocatorInit Initializes MsoHeapAllocator

msoPrintf,msoDebug Macros and functions for debugging

Function msoPrintfInit Initializes to utilize msoPrintf( )
Macro _msoPrintfInit Call either msoPrintfInit( MSO_DEBUG_ISV ) or msoPrintfInit( MSO_DEBUG_OS )
Macro CDEBUG Executes cmd when the value of the macro __DEBUG__ is greater than "level"
Macro CASSERT If the value of the macro __DEBUG__ is "level" and the conditional expression "ex" is true, display is in the format "ASSERT filename:line ex".