u8  nuContInit(void)
Return Value
Bit pattern of the connected Controller

Initializes Controller and Controller Pak

Initializes the Controller, Controller Pak, and Rumble Pak so that they can be used.

Calls the nuSiMgrInit function internally and initializes and starts the SI Manager. Then calls the nuContMgrInit, nuContPakInit and nuContRmbInit functions and initializes and starts the Controller Manager, initializes and registers the Controller Pak Manager, and initializes and registers the Rumble Pak Manager. Refer to each function for details.

For detail, see each function.

The returned value is the value returned by the nuSiMgrInit function. The bit pattern of the connected Controller is the same as the return value of the nuSiMgrInit function.

See Also

nuSiMgrInit, nuContMgrInit, nuContPakMgrInit, and nuContRmbMgrInit