Controller Related

Deleted functions are listed here

Functions (M)=Macro

nuSiMgrInit Initializes and starts SI Manager
nuSiCallBackAdd Registers device managers
nuSiCallBackRemove Removes device managers
nuSiMgrStop Stops SI Manager thread
nuSiMgrRestart Restarts SI Manager thread
nuSiSendMesg Sends message to SI Manager (synchronous)
nuSiSendMesgNW Sends message to SI Manager (asynchronous)
nuContInit Initializes Controller and Controller Pak
nuContMgrInit Initializes and starts Controller Manager
nuContMgrRemove Removes Controller Manager
nuContDataLock Locks Controller data
nuContDataUnLock Unlocks Controller data
nuContDataRead Reads Controller data
nuContQueryRead Gets Controller status
nuContDataGet Gets the Controller data
nuContDataGetAll Gets data for 4 Controllers
nuContDataReadStart Starts reading Controller data
nuContDataReadWait Wait for data read to end
nuContDataGetEx Gets Controller data
nuContDataGetExAll Gets Controller data
nuContReadFuncSet Registers function to be executed at completion of Controller read
nuContReadFuncRemove (M) Removes callback function to be executed at completion of Controller read

Controller Pak Related

nuContPakMgrInit Registers Controller Pak Manager
nuContPakMgrRemove Removes Controller Pak Manager
nuContPakOpen Opens Controller Pak device
nuContPakFileFread Reads game data from Controller Pak game note
nuContPakFileFwrite Writes game data to Controller Pak game note
nuContPakFileOpen Opens Controller Pak game note
nuContPakFileOpenJis Opens Controller Pak game note
nuContPakFileReadWrite Read/write game data from/to Controller Pak game note
nuContPakFileRead (M) Reads Controller Pak data
nuContPakFileWrite (M) Writes data to Controller Pak
nuContPakCodeSet Sets company code and game code
nuContPakRepairId Repairs Controller Pak file system
nuContPakJisToN64 Replaces JIS code with N64 font code
nuContPakN64ToJis Replaces N64 font code with JIS code
nuContPakGetFree Gets available Controller Pak space
nuContPakFileDelete Deletes Controller Pak game note
nuContPakFileDeleteJis Deletes Controller Pak game note
nuContPakFileState Gets Controller Pak game note information
nuContPakFileNum Gets maximum number of Controller Pak game notes and number of notes used
nuContPakFileFind (M) Finds game note
nuContPakFileFindJis (M) Finds game note

Rumble Pak Related

nuContRmbMgrInit Initializes Rumble Pak Manager
nuContRmbMgrRemove Removes Rumble Pak Manager
nuContRmbCheck Checks Rumble Pak
nuContRmbStart Starts vibration in Rumble Pak
nuContRmbStop Stops vibration in Rumble Pak
nuContRmbModeSet Sets Rumble Pak operation mode
nuContRmbForceStop Forces Rumble Pak to stop
nuContRmbForceStopEnd Cancels forced stop of Rumble Pak
nuContRmbSearchTimeSet Sets time for checking Rumble Pak

GB Pak Related

nuContGBPakMgrInit Initializes GB Pak Manager
nuContGBPakMgrRemove Remove GB Pak Manager
nuContGBPakOpen Opens GB Pak
nuContGBPakGetStatus Gets GB Pak status
nuContGBPakReadID Checks registered area of ROM in GB Game Pak
nuContGBPakFread Reads high-performance GB Game Pak data
nuContGBPakFwrite Writes high-performance GB Game Pak data
nuContGBPakReadWrite Read/write data from/to GB Game Pak
nuContGBPakPower Controls power to the GB Game Pak
nuContGBPakCheckConnector Detects poor connection in GB Game Pak connector
nuContGBPakRegWrite Writes to Memory Controller register

Voice Recognition Manager

nuVrsMgrInit Initializes Voice Recognition Manager
nuVrsOpen Initializes Voice Recognition System
nuVrsClearDictionary Initializes Voice Recognition System word dictionary
nuVrsSetWord Stores word in dictionary
nuVrsMaskDictionary Selects recognition targets from words stored in dictionary
nuVrsStartReadData Starts voice recognition
nuVrsGetReadData Gets recognition results
nuVrsStopReadData Forced stop of recognition processing
nuVrsControlGain Adjusts input gain
nuVrsCheckWord (M) Checks words which can be stored
nuVrsCountSyllables(M) Counts syllables of word

Global Variables

nuContStatus Structure indicating Controller status
nuContData Controller data obtained by Controller Manager
nuContNum Number of Controllers connected
nuContRmbCtl Rumble Pak control structure
nuContRmbSearchTime Rumble Pak auto-recognition time interval

Deleted Functions

nuContPakFileReSize Changed size of Controller Pak game notes
nuContPakFileReSizeJis Changed size of Controller Pak game notes
nuContPakFuncSet Registered callback function for Controller Pak manager
nuContPakFuncRemove Removed callback function for Controller Pak manager
nuContRmbFuncSet Registered callback function for Rumble Pak manager
nuContRmbFuncRemove Removed callback function for Rumble Pak manager