s32 nuContPakFileOpenJis(NUContPakFile *file, u8* noteName, u8* extName, u32 mode, s32 size)


file        Controller Pak file structure
*noteName note name (JIS) Terminal NULL (Converted to N64 font code 16 bytes)
*extName extension (JIS) Terminal NULL (Converted to N64 font code 1 byte)
mode specifies whether to create a new game note if no game note exists. NU_CONT_PAK_CREATE Create game note if no note exists NU_CONT_PAK_NOCREATE Do not create game note
size size for game note when the mode is NU_CONT_PAK_CREATE. When mode is NU_CONT_PAK_NOCREATE the value is invalid.

Return Value



Opens the Controller Pak game note

This function works the same as nuContPakFileOpen, except that the note name and extension can be specified using JIS code. The conversion from JIS code to N64 font code is performed internally. At that time, demarcations for voiced sounds (daku-ten and handaku-ten) are converted to the corresponding 1 byte N64 font code. For details, see the explanation for the nuContPakFileOpen function.


PFS_ERR_NOPACK Nothing is inserted in the specified Controller.
PFS_ERR_NEW_PACK The Controller Pak may have been changed. Please perform the Open process again.
PFS_ERR_INCONSISTENT There is an inconsistency in the file system management area.
PFS_ERR_CONTRFAIL Data transfer with Controller has failed.
PFS_ERR_INVALID Invalid parameter or the game note does not exist.
PFS_DATA_FULL The Controller Pak does not have enough free space.
PFS_DIR_FULL Cannot create game note since maximum number already exist.
PFS_ERR_EXIST Cannot create game note because that game note already exists.

See Also

nuContPakOpen, nuContPakFileOpen, nuContPakJisToN64, and nuContPakN64ToJis