nuContPakFileFindJis (Macro)


void nuContPakFileFindJis(NUContPakFile *file, u8 *noteName, u8 *extName)
*file        Controller Pak structure
*noteName    note name (JIS)  Terminal NULL (Converted to N64 font code 16 bytes)
*extName     extension (JIS)  Terminal NULL (Converted to N64 font code 1 byte)
Return Value

Searches for game note

This works the same as the nuContPakFileFind function, except that the game note name and extension can be specified with JIS code. The conversion from JIS code to N64 font code is performed internally. At this time, katakana voiced sound symbol and semivoiced sound symbol characters are covered to the corresponding 1 byte N64 font codes. For details, see the explanation for the nuContPakFileFind function.

See Also

nuContPakOpen, nuContPakFileOpen, nuContPakFileOpenJis, and nuContPakFileFind