nuContPakFileFind (Macro)


void nuContPakFileFind(NUContPakFile *file, u8 *noteName, u8 *extName)
*file        Controller Pak structure
*noteName    game note name (N64 font code 16 bytes)
*extName     note extension (N64 font code 1 byte)
Return Value

Searches for game note

Searches to see whether the specified game note is in the Controller Pak. If the game note is found, then the note number is returned to file.file_no. If the note is not found, then PFS_INVALID is returned to file.error.

For "file," the device must be opened by the nuContPakOpen function.

Before this function is called, the company code and game code must be registered by the nuContPakCodeSet function.

noteName is the name of the game note in 16 bytes of N64 font code. If the game note name is not a full 16 bytes, assign 0x00 to the unused area.

extName specifies the extension for use of multiple notes. The size is 4 bytes, but only 1 byte is usable, and it is normally 0x00. Additional notes get assigned 0x1A~0x33 (N64 font code 'A'~'Z').

The value returned by the osPfsFileFind function is stored in file.error.

This function is a macro for the nuContPakFileOpen function.

See Also

nuContPakOpen, nuContPakFileOpen, nuContPakFileOpenJis, and nuContPakFileFindJis