void nuGfxSetUcodeFifo(void* fifoBufPtr, s32 size);


*fifoBufPtr    FIFO buffer pointer   
size           FIFO buffer size 

Return value:



Sets the FIFO buffer pointer and size

Sets up the FIFO buffer pointer and size of FIFO graphics microcode. Specify the FIFO buffer pointer for fifoBufPtr. This buffer needs to be 16 byte aligned. Specify the FIFO buffer size for size. The FIFO buffer size needs to be a multiple of 16.

FIFO buffer is set in nuRDPOutputBuf of 0x20000 bytes when nuGfxInit function is called. However, this buffer size is somewhat large, depending upon the application. It might be better if the nuGfxInit function is customized and the FIFO buffer is set individually. (In this case, nuRDPOutputBuf is not linked.)

Reference:  nuGfxInit