Chapter 1 - N64 Software Development Overview

This section describes the procedure for N64 software development. The first section describes the procedure for connecting the N64 emulator board to the SGI Indy Workstation. The following section provides a discussion of the procedure for installing the development software, while the last section includes a discussion on "how to use" the sample programs.

1.1 The N64 Emulator Board
1.1.1 Removing the Upper Cover
1.1.2 Connecting the Emulator Board
1.2. Installing the N64 Emulator Software
1.2.1 README and Release Notes
1.2.2 Other Sources
1.2.3 Executables
1.2.4 Installing the N64 Development Software
1.3 Using the Sample Programs
1.3.1 Simple Sample Program
1.3.2 High-Level Sample Programs
1.3.3 About the N64 Online Function Reference Manual