7.8 Event

Once the cause of the interrupt (or other exception) has been determined, it is mapped to one of 17 events defined for the Nintendo 64 system. Table 7-2 shows the events, why they occur, and the origin of the event.

Table 7-2 Events Defined for the Nintendo 64 System
Event Name Event Cause Origin
SW1 System software interrupt 1 asserted  
SW2 System software interrupt 2 asserted  
CART Peripheral has generated an interrupt OS
COUNTER Internal counter reached terminal count VI/Timer manager
SP RCP SP interrupt; Task Done/Task Yield Game
SI RCP SI interrupt; controller input available Game
AI RCP AI interrupt; audio buffer swap Game
VI RCP VI interrupt; vertical retrace VI/Timer manager
PI RCP PI interrupt; ROM to RAM DMA done PI manager
DP RCP DP interrupt; RDP processing done Game
PreNMI NMI requested, will occur in 0.5 seconds Game
CPU_BREAK CPU (R4300) has hit a breakpoint Rmon
SP_BREAK RCP SP interrupt; RCP has hit a breakpoint Rmon
FAULT N64 CPU has faulted Rmon
THREAD_STATUS Thread created or destroyed Rmon
PROF_REQ gperf() requests profiling data Rmon
PROF_ACK gperf() notified receipt of profiling data Rmon