Chapter 16 - N64 Sprite Library

This chapter describes the use of sprite, rectangular images or textures that you draw on the screen. Large images must be drawn in small pieces called "tiles". Managing these pieces is the task of the Sprite Library and associated data structures. This chapter explains how to do simple things, such as "clear the framebuffer with a specified image" to start with; and followed by how to do complex things, such as draw multi-colored text or explosions.

16.1 Application Programmers Interface (API)
16.1.1 Making Sprites
16.1.2 Manipulating Sprites
16.1.3 Drawing Sprites
16.2 Data Structures and Attributes
16.2.1 Bitmap Structure
16.2.2 Sprite Structure
16.2.3 Attributes
16.3 Tricks and Techniques
16.3.1 Sparse Sprites
16.3.2 Early Ending
16.3.3 Variable Size Bitmaps
16.3.4 Explosions
16.3.5 Bitmap Re-use
16.3.6 Sprite Re-use
16.4 Examples
16.4.1 Backgrounds
16.4.2 Text (Fonts)