Chapter 18 - Audio Tools

This chapter describes the various audio tools for the Nintendo 64. These include: an instrument compiler, which can be used to prepare banks of sounds and control information used by the sequence player and the sound player; a set of tools to compress and decompress sound data for the Nintendo 64 ADPCM format; and tools for converting and printing MIDI files.

18.1 The Instrument Compiler: ic
18.1.1 Invoking ic
18.1.2 Writing ic Source Files The Bank Object The Instrument Object The Sound Object The Keymap Object The Envelope Object A Complete Example
18.2 ADPCM Tools: tabledesign, vadpcm_enc, vadpcm_dec
18.2.1 tabledesign

18.2.2 vadpcm_enc
18.2.3 vadpcm_dec
18.3 MIDI File Tools: midicvt, midiprint, midicomp
18.3.1 midicvt

18.3.2 midiprint
18.3.3 midicomp Invoking midicomp Making Files that Will Compact Better
18.4 Midi Receiving with Midi Daemon: midiDmon
18.5 Instrument Editor
18.5.1 Editor Bank Editing Viewing Assets Editing Assets Viewing and Editing Children Auditioning Assets The File Menu The Edit Menu The Asset Menu The Select Menu Effects Effects Viewing Effects Editing Effects Auditioning Effects Saving and Restoring
18.5.2 Nintendo 64 Player and Profiler Nintendo 64 Configuration Nintendo 64 MIDI Playback Nintendo 64 Profiling The Nintendo 64 Menu
18.5.3 Known Issues
18.6 MIDI and the Indy
18.7 The sbc Tool