Chapter 19 - Audio File Formats

This chapter describes the file formats used for Nintendo 64 audio development.

  1. The first section details the bank file format used by the Sequence Player.
  2. The second section provides information about the Standard MIDI File format as it relates to Project Reality.

Note: All multi-byte data types (short, long, and so on) are stored with the high byte first.

19.1 Bank Files
19.1.1 ALBankFile

19.1.2 ALBank
19.1.3 ALInstrument
19.1.4 ALSound
19.1.5 ALEnvelope
19.1.6 ALKeyMap
19.1.7 ALWavetable
19.2 ADPCM AIFC Format
19.3 Sequence Banks
19.4 Compressed MIDI File Format