N64 Sound Tools for the PC

Use N64 Sound Tools to create the best music and sound effects for your N64 games. N64 Sound Tools is a complete, self-contained audio development environment for the PC. With N64 Sound Tools, a musician can edit the music and then hear exactly how the edited music or sound effect will sound on the N64. Because the playback occurs on the N64, a musician can hear what additional changes need to be made.

Sound Tools
N64 Sound Tools Benefits:

Better Sound for Your Games
It’s easy for a musician to fine tune music and sound effects or add qualities that don’t exist in MIDI. For example, the musician can attach musical effects to notes including vibrato, portamento, sample trigger on/off, and ADSR.

Easier Track & Channel Control

Using the features available in N64 Sound Tools, you can easily control the tracks and their use of audio channel resources. You could do this in MIDI, but it's much easier to do using the N64 Sound Tools intuitive user interface.

Easier to Mix Audio & Game Code
When you finish editing your audio in the Sequencer, you simply save the completed sound data files for the programmer to add to the game code. You develop for the N64 system directly on the N64 system.

Reduced Compile Times
Because the data format used to store musical data is much more powerful and memory-efficient than can be easily achieved using MIDI files, compile time will be minimized.

Improved Productivity for Both Programmer and Musician
The programmer, game designer, and musician can work together from the beginning to plan resource allocation settings and values.

The musician can use the Waveform Editor (included) to edit waveforms quickly and easily using the intuitive user interface. In addition, the musician can organize sets of waveforms into appropriate groups, transfer single or multiple samples from external MIDI samplers, and use batch processing to perform several processes on multiple waveforms during an operation.

The musician can use the Sequencer (included) to edit and fine tune musical arrangements and effects productively by using several built-in editors (track editor, key editor, drum editor, and score editor). During the editing process, the musician can play back the piece immediately on the N64 to hear exactly how it will sound, and make any additional changes needed.

When the musician saves the edited music, N64 Sound Tools creates the sound data files. The programmer then simply adds these files directly to the game code.

N64 Sound Tools Facts & Features

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