alSndpSetFXMix alSndpSetFXMix (function)

alSndpSetFXMix, n_alSndpSetFXMix

Sets the wet/dry mix of the current target sound


#include <libaudio.h>     /* libaudio.h */
void alSndpSetFXMix(ALSndPlayer *sndp, u8 fxmix);
#include <n_libaudio.h>     /* n_libaudio.h */
void n_alSndpSetFXMix(                   u8 mix);


Pointer to a sound player

Wet/dry mix where a value of 0 specifies a completely dry sound and 127 specifies a completely wet sound


alSndpSetFXMix sets the wet/dry mix value of the current target sound. To set the target sound, call alSndpSetSound. If the sound is playing, the wet/dry mix will be adjusted. If the sound is not playing, this call will affect the wet/dry mix of the sound when it is played.

For details on n_audio library, see "Chapter 28: n_audio library" in the N64 Programming Manual.

See Also

alSndpSetVol, alSndpSetPitch, alSndpSetPan, and alSndpSetSound

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