Chapter 20 - Using the Audio Tools

This chapter instructs the musician and sound designer in how to use the audio development tools currently available for the Nintendo 64. It is divided into the following sections:

20.1 Overview of the Audio System
20.1.1 Brief Description of the Audio System
20.1.2 Typical Development Process
20.1.3 Common Values
20.2 Dealing with Constraints and Allocating Resources
20.2.1 Determining Hardware Playback Rate
20.2.2 Limits of Voices and Processing Time
20.2.3 Division of Sounds and Music Into Banks
20.2.4 Limits of ROM
20.3 Creating Samples
20.4 Playback Parameters and the .inst File
20.4.1 Setting Sample Parameters in the .inst File
20.4.2 Differences Between Sound Player and Sequence Player use of .inst Files
20.4.3 Envelopes
20.4.4 Keymaps and Velocity Zones
20.4.5 Tuning for Samples Recorded at the Hardware Playback Rate
20.4.6 Tuning for Samples Recorded at Varying Rates
20.4.7 Sounds
20.4.8 Instruments
20.4.9 Banks
20.4.10 Creating Bank Files
20.5 MIDI Files
20.5.1 Loops in the Sequence
20.5.2 Nesting Loops
20.5.3 Putting Things Into Makefiles
20.6 General MIDI and the Nintendo 64