N64 Programming Basics


Chapter 1 N64 Programming with NuSystem

1.1 Welcome to the World of N64 Programming
1.2 Introduction to NuSystem
1.3 Compiling the Sample
1.4 Creating the ROM File

Chapter 2 Mechanism of N64 Programming

2.1 Introduction
2.2 N64 Program Features
2.3 N64 Program Execution Flow
2.4 Boot portion of a typical N64 program
2.5 Boot portion in NuSystem
2.6 Basic2 Rendering Routine
2.7 Memory Usage in N64 Programs
2.8 Compiling and Linking

Chapter 3 The Display List and Tasks

3.1 Rendering Basics - The Display List
3.2 What is the Display List?
3.3 Two Kinds of Display Lists
3.4 Analyzing Part of the Sample Source
3.5 Minor Note
3.6 Executing the Display List - Tasks

Chapter 4 N64 Programming Toolbox- Useful Functions for Nusystem

4.1 Practical Application of Nusystem Functions
4.2 Displaying Character Strings with the Debug Console
4.3 Advanced Uses of the Debug Console
4.4 The Performance Meter
4.5 Standard C Functions
4.6 The Basic4 Sample Program