alSndpStop (function)

alSndpStop, n_alSndpStop

Stops playing the current target sound


#include <libaudio.h>     /* libaudio.h */

void alSndpStop(ALSndPlayer *sndp);
#include <n_libaudio.h>     /* n_libaudio.h */

void n_alSndpStop(void);


Pointer to a sound player


alSndpStop stops playing the current target sound. This forces the sound into the release phase of its envelope. To set the target sound, call alSndpSetSound. If the sound is not playing this call will have no effect.

For details on n_audio library, see "Chapter 28: n_audio library" in the N64 Programming Manual.

See Also

alSndpGetState, alSndpPlay, and alSndpSetSound

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