Chapter 5 - Game Production Process

This chapter describes the flow of tools required to go from 3D model design and music composition to packing them into the ROM cartridge. In addition to the standard C compiler suite, the Nintendo 64 software release supplies a number of other tools particular to the Nintendo 64 software development environment. The source code to some of these tools is provided as an example to help you create your own customized tools - giving your game an advantage in the marketplace. This chapter includes the following sections:

  1. database Modeling
  2. model space to render space database conversion
  3. music composition
  4. wavetable construction
  5. building ROM images
  6. host side functionality

5.1 Database Modeling
5.1.1 NinGen

5.1.2 Alias
5.1.3 Other Modeling Tools
5.1.4 Custom Modeling Tools
5.2 Model to Render Space Database Conversion
5.2.1 Existing Converters

5.2.2 Custom Converters
5.2.3 Conversion Considerations
5.3 Gamma Correction
5.4 Music Composition
5.5 Wavetable Construction
5.6 Building ROM Images
5.6.1 C Compiler Suite

5.6.2 ROM Image Packer
5.6.3 Headers and Libraries
5.7 Host Side Functionality