Q&A- SGI Development Environment

QA1 I can't break with the gvd debugger
QA2 The multiplication warning "WARNING: fmul in delay slot at address XXX" appears
QA3 Functions not supported by the gvd debugger
QA4 "permission denied" appears and I can't do anything
QA5 The system won't recognize the 64 emulator board
QA6 SGI data, etc. can't be compiled. How do I directly load a program that is operating on N64
QA7 When the development environment is a O2+IS-Viewer configuration, will there be any problems with the R10000 configuration and O2?
QA8 When OS2.01 was installed, the imgsize error comes up on spgame and the program won't compile
QA9 Can I develop using SRAM on the emulator board?
QA10 If I change to IRIX6.2, the emulator board isn't recognized
QA11 What is the actual size of the program?
QA12 Compatibility of OS with IRIX6.5 (199909)
QA13 How can I use stacktool? (199908)

Q1 I wanted to apply a Write break at a certain address with gvd, and I checked in the cvd manual and thought I'd try impressing a Write break using trap manager, but it didn't work very well. Can't Write break be used with gvd? If it can be used, how do I do it?

A1 Unfortunately, Write break is not supported by gvd. Future support has not been determined.


Q2 When I perform makerom using N64 Software, the message

WARNING: fmul in delay slot at address "address number"

appears and the rom file is not created.

A2 This can be resolved by installing patch 1118 included in OS2.01_N64_PAK (SGI version).

However, this is true only for users using the MIPS compiler for IRIX 5.3 and early IRIX 6.2. If you will be purchasing the compiler in the future, this doesn't need to be installed since the patch is included in the IRIX 6.2 and IRIX 6.3 MIPS compilers.


Q3 When I run the views Array Browser, the message

Sorry, that view couldn*t start. A required execute couldn*t be found. Try reinstalling TeleShop

is displayed and I cant use the browser.

A3 TeleShop is inside Gameshop, but the symptom will not be resolved by re-installing the program. the following 3 views are not currently supported by gvd.

  1. Array Browser
  2. Process Meter
  3. System Call

The schedule for this support has not been determined.


Q4 When I install the N64 Software and try to use the sample, the following message is displayed and make will not run.

error Permission denied

A4 There are access rights to various files on a UNIX system. This kind of error will occur if the N64 Software is installed in the root account and make is performed in the sample program by a general user. If you receive this error, change the access rights with the chmod command.


Q5 When I insert the N64 emulator board connected to the INDY, it isn't recognized.

A5 Consider the following causes and countermeasures.

1 Library is not installed.

--> Install the library according to the N64 Programming Manual or Chapter 5 of the N64 Introductory Manual, Step 2.

2 The board overheated making recognition impossible

--> INDY boards are often susceptible to heat, so be sure to close the lid on the INDY when it is in use. Closing the lid will lower the temperature of the chips inside the board to approximately 20 degrees. In addition, recognition sometimes just misses, in which case, do not reboot, but turn the power OFF/ON a couple of times. If the board recognition configuration is not started on a reboot, it could be that the board has been damaged. If none of these measures works, you may try replacing the board. If this still doesn't work, we will replace the emulator board free of charge. In this case, describe the symptoms as clearly as possible and send the board to our Support Center. If you are able somehow to use the board, but would like to get it repaired anyway, consult with us and we will lend you a board. Once the board arrives, we will replace the defective product.


Q6 I want to create a tool for previewing graphics data on the N64 development system, but in order to do that, it is necessary to load the data file output by the modeling tool to the N64 development system. Is there a method for directly loading programs which operate on the N64 without compiling a file on the SGI disk or data in memory?

A6 There are functions, such as the uhWriteRamrom() function, etc., which act between the Indy and the ramrom on the board. See the description for uhWriteRamrom() for further details.


Q7 Are there any problems with the configuration of R10000 models in O2 when the development environment structure is O2+IS-Viewer?

A7 It works OK here.


Q8 After installing OS 2.0i in my newly purchased O2 (SGI Workstation) + PartnerNW environment, spgame won't compile. An error comes up saying that imgsize can't be found.

A8 "1.2.4 Software Installation Method for N64 Development" is explained for the IRIX5.3 in the Programming Manual, but if you are using O2, install the following programs.

  1. Prepare a CD-ROM (IRIX6.3 for O2 including RXXXX).

  2. Start the Software Manager from the menu and select Custom.

  3. Install the Graphics Library image Tools (and Man Pages) which are in the IRIX Execution Environment, 6.3 subdirectory.


Q9 Can applications be developed using the SRAM on the Indy+NUS Emulator Board?

A9 No they can't.

It is also impossible to develop 64DD or 128Mbit or larger applications with the emulator board configuration. Of course, it is possible to burn the resulting ROM image into a Flash Cartridge and then check its operation.


Q10 After upgrading from IRIX 5.3 to IRIX 6.2, the 64 emulator board is no longer recognized.

A10 Re-install N64OS. This must be re-installed for the device drivers.


Q11 I am developing on an SGI. Is there a way to find the actual program size?

A11 When the -d option is specified with makerom, an intermediate file is left in /tmp. Try referring to this file. The address for each segment is defined in /tmp/segment*.s.


Q12 Is NINTENDO64 OS compatible with IRIX6.5 going to be released?

An error occurs in makerom with the current N64OS.

A12 We did testing of operations with IRIX6.5 before. Efforts towards compatibility were discontinued because we could not use the function to avoid the continuous multiplication bug when -o32 option was added.

You might want to use exeGCC for program development with IRIX6.5.

Not all of them, but some operations such as graphics preview, which don't require compiling were tested.

Also, the driver of emulator board for IRIX6.5 tentatively exists.


Q13 I tried to determine a secure stack size using stacktool, it did not work properly. Can I not use this?

A13 This does not work properly sometimes on such occasians as when a complex overlay process is going on. And, if there are recursive calls or calls with a function pointer, sometimes it is difficult to find a correct value.

Though it may not be a correct value, you can obtain the rough size of the stack by running the program after filling out the stack area with patterns, and checking how much the stack is being used really.

Since the source of stacktool has not been upgraded since 1995, it is unknown how precise it is when used for the current N64 OS. Regard the value that is output as just a reference even in case of an object stacktool runs.