<Utility functions>

guLoadTextureBlockMipMap ... Calculates a MIP map pyramid from the source textures, and returns the display list needed for loading and rendering the MIP-mapped texture.

<GBI commands>

gSPTexture ... Enables texture and specifies the texture coordinate scaling.
gDPLoadBlock ... Low-level TMEM load macro.
gDPLoadTLUT_pal16 ... Reads a CI4 (16-color) palette into texture memory.
gDPLoadTLUT_pal256 ... Reads a CI8 (256-color) palette into texture memory.
gDPLoadTextureBlock ... Loads a continguous texture block into TMEM.
gDPLoadTextureBlock_4b ... Loads a continguous 4-bit texture block into TMEM.
gDPLoadTextureTile ... Loads part of a large texture image into TMEM.
gDPLoadTextureTile_4b ... Loads part of a large 4-bit texture image into TMEM.
gDPSetTextureImage ... Sets the texture area.
gDPSetTextureConvert ... Controls texture filters and converts colors.
gDPSetTextureDetail ... Enables/disables texture detail.
gDPSetTextureFilter ... Sets the filter type for texture tile sampling.
gDPSetTextureLOD ... Enables/disables LOD & MIP-mapped textures.
gDPSetTextureLUT ... Sets full-color textures or lookup table textures.
gDPSetTexturePersp ... Enables/disables texture map perspective transformation corrections.
... Sets the parameter to one of eight tile descriptors.